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5 Things that make your Brand Look Unprofessional

It’s important to look professional, when starting a new business. If your brand doesn’t look professional or resonate with your potential client then other brands will catch their eye. your company logo position on website and graphics on social media, are the essentials that the brand speak to an audience.

You only have a few seconds to show people what you do, who you do it for or simply showcase your authenticity.

Read on to find out if you’re making these five most common mistakes that may make your brand look unprofessional,

  1. Busy and Cluttered Website

If your website is not pleasing, it’s go against your brand promotions, the unclear direction and vision can affect your customers. Simple and clear things on website look professional and leave the good impact on customers. A busy web space with overuse of colors, images and words, which can disorient the customers.

  1. Outdated Content

Irregularity on social media can cause an impact against your brands in customer’s mind, it is important to post on social media regularly. It is a great marketing tool, it shows consumers that you are up to date with the newest trends. Create a blog to consistently have updated content on your website. 

  1. Low Quality Images

Low quality photos look unprofessional, a good brand and website can be ruined by low quality images. The images you use are show the quality of your work, this is important for both products and services based businesses. Post the images that will represent your brands. The photos that randomly arranged and doesn’t go with brands can affect the business.

  1. Inconsistent Fonts

Choose the fonts that are similar to your logo and general branding, you should use those same 2-3 fonts everywhere that represent your brand. The use of more than three fonts adds a cluttered look on your web page. Too many fonts can make posts hard to read. Consistency is key. 

  1. Poorly Designed Logo

A well designed logo should work well universally. Your brand logo is placed on social media pages, website and any form of marketing communication, your logo should be readable and recognisable that promote your brands. The unprofessional logo can kill your branding.

If you’re struggling with managing a Professional or Authentic online presence, reach out to us at

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