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5 Tips to Boost your Digital Marketing Strategy

Are you struggling with getting enough traffic to your website? Do you find it hard to engage with your followers? Are you getting more junk leads than quality leads? Follow these 5 simple tips to boost your Digital Marketing Efforts and generate better results.

1. Identify the Right Customers

We start with creating buyer personas (Buyer Personas are ideal consumer profile). In defining buyer personas, we identity consumer’s age, demographic, interest and behaviour. Once we have the personas in place – defining our tone and style of communication becomes very easy. All we do is craft all our social media posts, content on the web, and everything else keeping in mind these personas which makes our content very personalised – which results in a high engagement rate.

2. Define a Specific Goal you’d like to achieve

Did you define a goal before starting with Digital Marketing? If not, how will you judge if you are on the right track?! Goals helps us understand whether we are generating enough revenue/results against what we are spending on these Digital Marketing Campaigns. Therefore, you need to define your Digital Marketing Goal. It can be increase sales by 10%, increase brand awareness, sell-out an offer, generate more walk-ins to the store, etc.

3. Optimise your Website Content

Any content that your brand is posting online will find its way back to your website. It is crucial that you create a simple, easy to understand, reachable website with the right keywords and communication. Find the right keywords for your product and ensure that you have those keywords on your website – it helps customers find your website.

4. Use Social Media to Build relationship with your customers

Use social media to build relationship with your customers, understand their interests and behaviour, drive engagement and conversations. It increases the brand love. Consumers’ lifetime value increase when they start associating with your brand. You can always soft-sell on Social Media through product reviews, contests/campaigns, or by sharing how your product/service solves a particular problem in their life.

5. Analyse all the leads, response and revise your strategy

Setup weekly or monthly reviews of all your Digital Marketing Activities to understand how close we’ve come to the goals we set in the beginning. Answer these questions, Are we receiving quality leads? What’s the engagement rate on our posts? What it the bounce rate on the website? And more. It will help you analyse your spend vs revenue with Digital Marketing.

Follow these 5 easy tips to stay on top with Digital Marketing to bring in more customers on board. If you are stuck anywhere, anytime – just leave a message at or any of our social media handles and we’ll solve your problem right away!

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