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5 Instagram Story tricks for Hits

Instagaram stories are fun to play around. There is so much you can do with options provided by Instagram. The stories last for 24 hours, but here’s how you can make the best out of it…

  1. Poll Questions-

Polling is the best way to know what your audience prefers. If you have a business account and are confused between various options, go to your Instagram stories and put up the options. Let your audience decide what works best for you.

2. Hold up a Quiz-

Want to test your audience? Prepare the top questions you think can reveal your loyal audience. Quiz is fun and helps in engaging with people. Keeping quiz once in a while can increase your interaction with the audience and also helps the people know more about you. But remember one thing before setting up the quiz; your questions must be fun, quirky yet relevant to your product/service. This makes the audience curious and helps in leaving a mark in people’s minds.

3. Ask a Question-

Want suggestions? Get ‘em through your IG account. If you are a fashion blogger and are clueless about which video to make, put up the ‘Ask A Question’ in your story and let your followers decide on what they would want to see/learn.

‘Ask A Question’ is very interactive and is a good way to engage with your audience.

4. Slider-

Wanna know how much your audience likes it! Get the slider option and place a suitable emoticon and then know how much they liked it.

5. Post short videos-

(a) Boomerang videos are fun to watch and make. They are shot yet filled with happiness and excitement. If you have a business, you can add videos of your staff or product in a fun way.

(b) You can make animated videos of your product/services and post half of it in the stories so as to create curiosity amongst the viewers and then you can post the full video in your feed.

(c) Super-zoom is the new feature in Instagram stories. It has so many filters to add a little drama in your regular life.

(d) Instagram is also offering so many filters, like the Chromatic Pulse, Golden Glitter etc… Use these filters to enhance your stories (use it only when necessary).

Try the above 5 story tricks and let us know how many hits you got in the comment section…

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