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4 Tips to get a good Product Picture

As Destin Sparks said it correctly, “Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” A lot of times your content fails to bring forth the product and this is where your picture speaks up the thousand words…

A good product picture will help you grab the attention of your desired customers and/or market and might result in an increase in sales. But, what if your photograph cannot convey the message or is unable to grab the attention. Well! To avoid such a mishap, here are a few tips to get the best product picture for your brand.

  1. Light: A perfect light gets the perfect picture. Lighting is all that matters in pictures, just like timings matters in life! (hahaha..Sorry!) To get the perfect picture make sure you have the perfect light, can be natural; can be artificial. Lighting along with perfect background and a suitable angel can bring the product to life.

  2. Background: A perfect background can make any picture look as enthralling as possible. It can add to the hues and bring the picture to life. A right background will hype the product subtly, but a wrong background can bring it all down to ashes. Make sure you choose a background that does not merge with the product but simply blends in to highlight the product. To choose the perfect background, select the colors that are either in contrast or are matching with the product. For example, don’t select a black background for a product that is dark in color, choose light or contrasting background.

  3. Angle: Angle matters the most. Perfect angles can make the perfect story for your product. It depends on you how you want to present the product. High, low or side angel all these angels portray a different story. One can make your product look powerful, while the other can make it look cute. It completely depends on the type of product and your creativity of portraying it.

  4. Editing: Editing can enhance any picture. A sweet and simple editing can do wonders to your product. But, while editing make sure you don’t go overboard and ruin it all. Make sure your editing makes your product look real and subtle in such a way that viewers believe in your product. This strategy helps when you are selling your product/service online.

These were the 4 tips to get a good product picture. If you know more tips, do write us in the comment section.

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